The SEKO model SAM5/400 EFB Chopper/Mixer/Applicator is ideally suited to be used with a min 75HP tractor with drawbar and 540RPM Power-Take-Off. It can chop up fresh EFB with a capacity of 1-1.5 tons in 8-10 mins. and apply the fibres to the field at the rate of 10-12 tons per hectoare. Can be used to chop palm fronds and mixed into the EFB.

The standard trailed SAM5/400 had a bin capacity of 5cbm. Other models are available with volume capacities of 9cbm, 13cbm, 15cbm, 17cbm and 20cbm.

Stationay models fitted with diesel and electric engines are also available for chopping EFB in compositing plants.

An indespensable unit whether for use in disposal of EFB or in composting.

Optional feature to spray POMME into the EFB while chopping can be added at extra costs.


Trailer Model machine Sam 5 model 400/50
Loading capacity 5cbm, machine additinally equipped with:
PTO Hydraulic pump and controls for discharge conveyor system and Outpur door control
PTO drive shaft with built in safety bolt (540 rpm from the tractor)
Left side discharging conveyor 900x1200mm length, with hydraulic lifting
Right side discharge predisposition only
Mechanical standing foot
Rear door for loading of the integrative products
Twin chopping anger fitted with special knives. Counter blades
Drawbar and PTO universal shaft, Rear tyres on axle
Models available:

Tractor trailed model
Load Capacity
(Electric Motor) Model
(Diesel Engine) Model
SAM 5-400/50
5 cbm capacity
400/50-ME (15kW)
SAM 5-450/70
7 cbm capacity
SAM 5-450/90
9 cbm capacity
450/90-ME (30kW)
SAM 5-450/110
11 cbm capacity
450/110-ME (30kW)
SAM 5-500/130
13 cbm capacity
500/130-ME (37kW)
SAM 5-500/150
15 cbm capacity
500/150-ME (55kW)
500/150-MD (175HP)
SAM 5-500/170
17 cbm capacity
500/170-ME (55kW)
500/170-MD (175HP)
SAM 5-600/200
20 cbm capacity
600/200-ME (90kW)
600/200-MD (175HP)
SAM 5-700/300
30 cbm capacity
700/300-ME (160kW)
700/300-MD (330HP)
Empty Fruit Bunches from the Mill.
Empty Fruit Bunches placed into the bin and chopped for 10mins.
Maybe mixed with Fronds and other materials.
Hydraulically driven and controlled discharge chain conveyor
Resultant chopped material discharged onto side of machine into palm path of
10-12 tons per hectare
Material is left to decompose in field

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