Developed and built in Malaysia for use in tall oil palm areas specially for bagworms and other pest and diseases. Suitable for use mounted on three point linkages of tractors with a minimum of 60 HP and 54O rpm PTO.



  • 600 or 800 litres capacity fiberglass / Polyethylene (PE) tank mounted onto tubular steel frames.
  • Cat 1 and 2 three point linkage
  • Tanks fitted with strainer basket with a polyethylene cover with breather, drain plug, level indicator panel, return flow connector.
  • Annovi Reveberi model 503 high pressure diaphragm pump with max. 45 L/min @ 40 bar pressure at 500 rpm rotation.
  • Annovi Reveberi VDR50 pressure control with 4 outlets, on/off main switch and a glycerine immersed pressure gauge. Pressure is adjustable with a pressure control knob.
  • PTO drive shaft
  • Oil lubricanted step-up gearbox with 1:3:5, Neutral - 1:4:5 ratios
  • High speed turbine fan capable of reaching a max speed of 2,430 rpm that gives air volume of 20,000 m3 per hour
  • Air blast direction is adjustable 180o angles manually
  • Twin spray heads, each with 4 brass spray nozzles fitted with ceramic spray jets of different sizes available as options.
  • Max. vertical height if spray 15-20 m depending on the number of spouts selected
  • Available options: Single spout and double spouts.
  • Pressure agitation of chemicals in the tank with ejector nozzles.


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